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STE Solutions understands that High Voltage equipment is an expensive and crucial requirement for your organisation. We can provide highly skilled and experienced electricians, along with state of the art test equipment to ensure that your High Voltage equipment is functioning correctly, in good condition and safe to be placed in service. Our Electricians will ensure this is done safely, within time constraints and provide professional test reports for all works completed. STE Solutions are well equipped to provide the following services:

  • Complete substation installation including civil works, earth grid installation, primary plant erection and secondary systems installation
  • Maintenance and testing of HV and LV switchboards and switchgear (indoor and outdoor)
  • High Voltage testing of primary plant using the latest test equipment
  • Installation of indoor and outdoor HV and LV Equipment
  • HV and LV protection testing and commissioning
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system commissioning
  • High Voltage transformer maintenance, with experience in larger units up to 500MVA
  • Cable integrity testing and repair work up to 33kv
  • High Voltage switching including all voltages up to 275kV
  • Wind farm maintenance and repairs
  • Emergency response and repairs
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling and planning.

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