Industrial & Commercial

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STE Solutions is a leading electrical contractor which provides LV & HV asset life-cycle management solutions to clients throughout the industrial and commercial spectrum throughout Australia. Whether it be programmed maintenance, refurbishment, inspection and testing, installation and commissioning or breakdown response our in-house team of highly experienced technicians can attend to your needs.

The correct asset management program will ensure that the operation and physical condition of the electrical equipment meets the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards and the Statutory and Regulatory requirements such as the Electricity Act 1996.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers of all makes and models can be inspected, tested, repaired and refurbished

Thermographic Inspections  

Thermography is a tool which is used to detect the heat being generated during the normal operation of electrical equipment, excess heat is usually the first sign of trouble, hot joints, system overloads or defective or damaged components. Regular inspections enable repairs to be performed before they become a fault which may lead to equipment failure and costly loss of revenue.

On-Site Services

Our mobile team of technicians are able to perform on-site maintenance and repair services at the times that are most suitable to the client, detailed reports are provided with recommendations for any remedial actions that are required to ensure that the equipment remains in a serviceable condition.

Protection & Control Relays

Modern state of the art testing equipment such as the Omicron CPC100 and CMC256 primary and secondary injection test units are utilised by our commissioning technicians to perform all of the relevant functionality tests required to ensure that protection and control systems are operating correctly.

High Voltage

Cable jointing and terminating, fault finding and HV switching are just a few of the services provided by our HV team.


In-situ repairs and oil regeneration on transformers are services out team can deliver in addition to oil sampling and analysis.


Please contact our dedicated Project Manager – Nick Fisher 08 8359 0077 to discuss your requirements and to receive a competitive quote.